Who is Tangled Tales?

Imagine beats blasting over trampled grass; warm air enveloping your arrival; early ravers etching neon trails into the evening sky: a glow stick poem celebrating the excitement of sonic adventure. Intrigued by the patterned echoes of our faded past, Tangled Tales mixes the raw energy and playful rebellion reminiscent of electronic music’s childhood with the clarity and detail of today.

With his latest release, Lost in the Jungle, he has created an organic blend of progressive trance and acid techno. Shunning the predictable patterns of the beaten path, he lures the listener into the mystery and majesty of rainforest life. Its magical chants draw you in deeper and deeper—until you’re no longer quite sure whether the voices you hear are coming from outside your head, or from a place deep within.

When playing live he blends musical composition with improvisational performance. Familiar sketches morph into strange new forms, as he challenges the audience to discover new nuances in old ways, and to share in the wonder about the creative possibilities we had missed but that are now available to us in our response.

Or to put it more bluntly: let's release some dreamy soundscapes and bucketloads of bubbly acid lines onto dance floors patterned with hypnotic beats.

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Melodic acid techno created in real time